Bridges_1325_RHPJohn Bridges, author of HOW TO BE A GENTLEMAN, is the ultimate know-it-all — at least for the modern man who wants to know how to behave himself, every day, even in the most challenging situations.

Want to know which fork to use?  Want to know what to do when the guy sitting next to you at the movie won’t turn off his cell phone? Don’t know what to do when a co-worker has b.o.? Wondering if you still have to open the door for a lady?

John has all the answers, and he’s out to change the way the world behaves. HOW TO BE A GENTLEMAN and other volumes in the “Gentlemanners” series, a publishing phenomenon, have now sold more that 1.5 million copies, world-wide, and have been translated into more than 20 foreign languages. To learn more about John, and see him in action, visit him on the Web at

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Bryan Curtis is an author and the president of Dance Floor Books. He is the author/coauthor and editor of more than 15 books, including the popular GentleManners series.

He once asked a woman who wasn’t pregnant when her baby was due.  He has never made that mistake again.  Bryan believes that life is filled with “what you do” and “what you don’t do” moments.  He believes that learning from those “what you don’t do” moments is just as important as always doing the right thing.  That is why the books in the GentleManners series are filled with examples of all types of situations a lady or gentleman might find themselves in, and luckily, how to get out of them gracefully.